Workshops & Portfolio Building

Every photographer needs to start somewhere! Workshops allow you to immerse yourself in all of the knowledge required to get your creativity and business going. Portfolio building is a necessity! Sometimes we don't have access to all the amenities that play a vital role in what it takes to create a captivating portfolio. We take care of that for you! Agency signed models, lighting, location, wardrobe hair and makeup. All you need to do is focus on is making your visions come to life.


Portfolio Building Days- shoot with models

All you need to do is bring your camera and a desire to build your portfolio. Models, location, lighting, wardrobe, hair and makeup are already planned for you. 

Concept Days

On different days we will focus on a particular theme. Just choose the date of the concept you would like and sign up! We have moodboarded your story for you and taken care of getting agency signed models, location, lighting, wardrobe, hair and makeup. You will get 2 agency models each with two looks. That is 4 looks for your book! 

*Although you will have some guidance and an instructor to answer any question you may have, you must have a basic understanding of how to work your camera If you are just beginning as a photographer, I recommend taking my one of my more in depth workshops listed below.  

In Depth Workshops


Fashion Photography Workshop

Coming soon!


The Wedding & Family Portrait workshop

Coming soon!



Beginners DSLR Workshop  $140

The most important thing you can do when starting out in photography is to learn the functions of your camera, then the basics of what makes up a great image. Once you have mastered this, then the fun begins and you can break all the rules!

Concepts Covered: 

  • Fundamental DSLR Elements
  • Exposure, Aperture & Shutter Speed
  • Depth of Field and achieving background blur
  • Essential Lighting Techniques
  • Compositional Strategies for Exceptional Images
  • Basic Editing and Workflow 

This is a two day workshop. Day one we will focus on how to work your camera to achieve creative control. Day two you will get hands on experience as we do some fun shooting activities that focus on what we learned in day one and finish it up talking about workflow and how we can enhance photos through the editing process.