Alexis- Ford Robert Black Agency

Last time I flew back home to Phoenix I got to work with model, Alexis with the Ford Robert Black agency and one of my favorite hair and makeup artists, Jessica Fierro. I love collaborating with new talent when I get a little time to myself. The shoot was pretty unplanned, meaning that I met with the agency, and I tested with Alexis that week. I didn't really have the opportunity to shoot a concept so went with an impromptu test shoot. 

For my tests that happen as quick as this one did, I always have a mood board of generalized images that I like. I then pick elements from different photographs to create a certain mood and style for the shoot. This really works well when you have no idea where to start. The model brought her own clothes to the location at the Mesa Arts Center, we then went through and picked that best options and because I arrived early I knew exactly where I wanted to shoot. This helps me to make quick decisions with wardrobe when I don't have a stylist. We kept everything simple and shot in a fairly short amount of time for a test with 4 wardrobe changes and two makeup looks. 

If you are the type of person who likes to plan everything out, I highly recommend doing an on the fly photoshoot, it may challenge your ability to think quickly and creatively.