Caitlin- Yoga

Recently, I took the plunge and decided to get my 200/hr yoga teacher training certification after doing yoga for over 10 years. I've learned a great deal and met some even greater people along the way, Caitlin being one of them! We decided to take her instagram to the next level and create her some beautiful yoga asana images + headshots for her social media presence. We started with a mood board on pinterest. Covering all the bases, such as location, style, hair makeup, poses, etc. We decided on a few locations. One of them being, my home studio, the other two, just outside my house, and across the street from my house, lovely Cocoa Beach. This was about a 4 hour shoot with wardrobe and location changes, not to mention we had to give the girl a break, have you seen her incredible yoga poses?!  

I used all natural light, and the studio set up is actually in my living room. Nothing fancy at all. Just some style and prop planning paired with a great subject :)