Brand Film- Josie Brooks Wedding Photography

Josie and I met a few years back when a model we both worked with kept mixing the two of us up. I finally asked, "who is Josie?" She excitedly replied that it was another photographer that she had worked with and that we reminded her of each other. I had just moved here and I thought that it would be nice to make other industry friends and that, we did! 

Josie and I clicked right away. We have worked on projects together and have been there for each other for much needed support. We have both had the opportunity to watch each other blossom into the artists we are today, so it was my absolute pleasure to create a brand film for her that showed her many amazing talents. Not only does she shoot the most inspiring, beautiful artistic portraits and weddings I have ever seen, but she has a such a friendly & comforting demeanor about her, you would think that you have known her for years. I am always truly impressed with her work and I can't wait to see what the future holds for her. 

For Josie's marketing video, we decided on a styled couples shoot with two real couples that would take place in a remote location in Orlando, a.k.a. a dried up lake bed... it was absolutely stunning at sunset! I captured some moments of the couples getting ready, thanks to the amazing Karmel Design Team, and followed Josie on her journey to capture those real love moments. You can see on her instagram. Later we conducted interviews of the couples and how they felt about working with Josie, which I included with voice over into the film.  

I love when I get to work with and share such amazing talent <3